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In most homes you will find natural stone in some form. Whether it is part of the home itself (like a staircase) or an additional piece (like a piece of furniture), natural stones are part of the everyday. And just like most everyday items, there is a range of myths and stories that come with them. Natural stones has its fair share of people thinking that it is loaded to the brim. This blog post is going to be about three of the common myths, and how they are false in every way:

Marble Doesn’t Work In Kitchen:

Please. Who said this? Who came up with this stuff? Marble is one of the most durable natural stones in the world. It’s natural appeal makes its great for any design and room – including the kitchen! So whoever came up with this myth is way out of line. Marble works perfectly for the kitchen thanks to the its strength and natural look.

Natural Stone Countertops Will Need To Be Sealed

There is always a tendency to think that natural stone countertops (in your kitchen or bathroom) need to be sealed in order to be protected. Yeah – that’s a myth. Natural stone countertops are designed to be durable for that reason – to withstand water, manual use and much more. The countertops are thicker than usual, stronger than usual and have the ability to withstand plenty. So if you are worried that the countertops need to be sealed, then don’t – there is no need to when it comes to natural stone.

Granite Requires A Lot Of Maintenance:

There is a consensus out there than granite – the strong, but durable rock – requires constant maintenance to ensure it remains at its peak. That is the furthest thing from the actual truth. All rocks and natural stones require some form of maintain, but because of the durability and strength of many of the, including granite, there is no need for consistent maintenance. Granite can withstand a lot, such as impacts, chemical spills and much more, and remain in great condition. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on granite to keep it at its best; just enough so that it looks good and feels great.

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